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The New Tritan Plastic October 21, 2012
Reviewer: Tim Harriman from Huntington Beach, CA United States  
My old Nalgene bottles were awesome and basically unbreakable.  The new plastic they are using is great for the worried soccer moms out there (BPA Free), but for the rest of us, the bottles are not nearly as rugged.  Hope they change the formula or thicken the walls of the bottles.

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Just ordered my 5th bottle August 20, 2012
Reviewer: Clint from Ogden, UT United States  
I love this company and their products, Made in the U.S.A. , BPA Free, and light weight.  I have many bottles and they have all had the crap kicked out of them throughout their life.  I have one of their new on the fly bottles and it is great to carry around at work.  I keep one in my truck, and a couple in the fridge at work. My backpack always is stocked with two. Best bottle, best price, and proudly made in the U.S.A.  If you don't care for water bladders, try a Nalgene bottle.  I did and I'll never go back.

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Didn't live up to the name July 21, 2012
Reviewer: Connor Webb  
My main bottle that I'd had for a while broke on the drive to a hike, so I picked up this bottle at an outfitter. It served me pretty well for the hiking, but it didn't hold up. Once I got home I decided to try and put my morning coffee in it because I saw that the bottle could store hot liquids and didn't retain odors. However even after washing it twice the coffee odor persisted. Then over the weekend, about 12 days after purchase, the strap for the lid broke off. It's still a functioning bottle so I'll continue to use it, but I can't say I'm completely satisfied.

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Everything except the volume marker February 4, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
It's a great bottle. I had one for a number of years (so they're quality bottles they last a long time).

Lost it, went to go buy another one, and for some reason with these 32 oz bottle they've adopted this terribly ugly and less accurate inverse-triangle for the volume marks. Don't see why they don't just go back to using the obviously better lines that are on the narrow mouth bottles and the 16 oz bottles.

Came here hoping in face to find a 32oz bottle with the lines but no such luck...

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Excellent Bottle December 30, 2011
Reviewer: DK  
I have about 6 32oz bottles that I've bought over the years, but just ordered a new BPA free one.

As always, the bottles are beautiful and easy to clean. I actually use the 48oz silo to carry water and I carry my protein shakes in the 32oz bottles.

They never hold an odor and easily come clean with just hand washing. One even rolled under my car seat and stayed there for about 3 months before I found it. It cleaned up in no time and didn't retain any taste or odor from the spoiled milk.

The thing is about as strong as you can get without buying a stainless steel bottle. I still have the first Nalgene bottle I bought about 5 years ago. They're strong enough that I don't have to worry about accidently breaking it or baby it when I'm moving around. I feel I've definitely gotten my monies worth out of every single one of them.

Second favorite Nalgene product, behind the 48oz bottle. Everyone should own at least one of these.

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Yet another one. March 10, 2011
Reviewer: bradley stucko from Salida, CO United States  
Just ordered a new 32oz Nalgene, though it's definitely not my first. I got my first one from my dad when I was maybe 10 and it had been around for almost 20 years when I finally broke it. In years since I have had many 32's in a variety of random colors. I will admit I switched to a sig bottel for a few months, I liked it but found my self taking my old Nalgene with my instead. My house hold currently has 4 or 5 32's so you ask why I just ordered a new one? It's simple theres a purple one, I'v got a soft spot for purple. And ten bucks? what a deal! Great product! Never question the durability and usability of a Nalgene.

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